Promotion Contents

  • 1998: participated in “National Social Welfare Conference.” We advocated and urged government to actively organize and carry out the “Respite Care” care scheme and the “remuneration to care providers” scheme.
  • 1999: participated in “national union for rebuilding from disaster aftermaths”
  • 2000: co-advocated with the Federation for the welfare of the Elderly to urge municipal governments to carry out the “middle-and-low-level-income elderly special care subsidy” scheme
  • 2001: participated in “promote welfare industries” forum hosted by Council for Economic Planning and Development and “Non-government Social Welfare Promotion Group”
  • 2002: participated in “non-government health insurance reform promotion union”
  • 2003: participated in “group for care and service system under Ministry of the Interior” and “patient security conference held by Department of Health”
  • 2004: co-hosted “the tomorrow for depression-afflicted elders press” conference with the Federation for the Welfare of the Elderly.
  • Since 2005: have been participated in “Non-government Health Insurance Supervision Union” and provided suggestions regarding all issues.
  • 2006: vigorously participated in amendment of Act of Gender Equality in Employment. Suggested that family care day-offs not to be included into the category of personal leave and that the regulation regarding allowing leave without pay and flexible working hours to be applicable for the purpose of taking care of disabled family members. Participated in “Objection to Lowering Medical Personnel Standards from Patients Alliance” conference held by the Taiwan Healthcare Foundation and co-hosted press conference to express objection to lowering medical personnel standards, which worsens the caregivers’ burden and thus endangers the safety of patients.
  • Since 2008: have been a member of the Patient Safety Committee under the Health Bureau.
  • 2009: was a member of the Government-organized Long-term Care and Insurance Promotion Group and participated and provide suggestions to various types of concerned conferences.
  • 2010: formed Long-term Care Supervision Union with concerned non-government organizations and discussed and supervised the content of the Long-term Care Service Act.
  • 2011: hosted several press conferences to urge for the one day-off per week for family caregivers.
  • “sleep for all seasons, grant me some rest” press conference
  • “family caregiverss wear bridal veils to fight for rights – appeal for one day-off per week” legislation press conference
  • “frequent tragedies that make the new year hard to celebrate? Family caregivers new year break” press conference
  • 2012: organized “full of twists and turns! Don't let the confidence disappear! Telephone Survey on municipal administration performance ” press conference. Hope to urge for friendly environment for family caregivers provided by government.
  • 2013: served as a member of the Female Rights Improvement Committee in Taipei City.
  • 2014: served as a member of the Social Welfare Committee under Executive Yuan. “millions of family caregivers please stand out! Don't let your vote be silent! press” conference
  • 2015: the long-promoted inclusion of family caregivers supporting services into long-term care targets under “Long-term Care Act” was legislated.
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