Regarding the TAFC (Taiwan Association of Family Caregivers) In Taiwan, the respective family members always carry the work taking care of the disabled. However, our society has been widely ignoring the dedication and contribution they have made. With regard to the long time ignorance and indifference to the family caregivers, a group of scholars, experts and professionals caring about the family caregivers has built the TAFC (Taiwan Association of Family Caregives) on 1996/6/23. This is the first public welfare association to initiate the rights of family caregivers in Taiwan. Our memberships, both individuals and communities that care for family caregivers, come from every corner of Taiwan, associated by scholars, nursing specialists, medical doctors, occupational therapeutists, social workers and family caregivers, etc.


  1. Enhance public understanding and concerning to the family caregivers.
  2. Supervise the Government to promote living quality level of the family caregivers and their family members. 
  3. Supervise the Government to set up Acts & Regulations securing family caregiver’s rights. 
  4. Strive to get budgets relevant to care about the family caregiver’s rights.
  5. Supervise the Government to plan for relevant service measures towards the family caregivers. 
  6. Supervise the Government to incubate the required human resource providing service to the family caregivers.
  7. Research and develop the welfare service plan to the family caregivers. 
  8. Drive to promote the communication and cooperation among the relevant communities.


  • The First session CAO,AI-LAN
  • The Second session Cao,Ai-Lan
  • The Third session Lu,Bao-Jing
  • The Fourth session Fu,Li-She
  • The Fifth session Jin-Ling Chen
  • The Sixth session Jin-Ling Chen
  • The Seventh session Frank Tsen-Yung Wang
  • The Eighth session Frank Tsen-Yung Wang
  • The Ninth session Chen-Fen Chen
  • The Tenth session Chen-Fen Chen

Contact to TAFC
TEL:886-2-2585-5171 / 886-2-2585-5167